web headshot 1Stephen Plunkard, Senior Principal, has practiced planning, urban design, landscape architecture and public engagement for more than 40 years. He is an award-winning planner/designer and teaches part time at the College of Architecture and Art at Norwich University. The majority of his consulting work has been in the United States and Canada, but on occasion he has worked in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. Projects he has been involved in have won awards from the Urban Land Institute, American Planning Association, American Institute of Architects, American Society of Landscape Architects, National Trust for Historic Preservation and the Alberta Council of Engineers. He was invited to the White House as an SBA Small Business of the Year and has worked for small, medium-sized and multinational consulting firms throughout his career. He served on a select team of consultants on the restoration of Gulfport, Mississippi post Hurricane Katrina, and was the keynote speaker at an international waterfront conference in Glasgow, Scotland.

Stephen currently serves on his town’s selectboard and has previously served as a board member and volunteer for charitable, civic and business organizations throughout his career. In addition, he is serving as a mentor to several emerging professionals. He was born in England and has lived in continental Europe, the United States and Canada. He is a citizen of both the United States and United Kingdom.

Central to Stephen’s success is the collaborative network of architects, engineers, scientists, graphic and urban designers, branding and marketing specialists. The foundation of his reputation is based on his deep belief in and understanding of creative problem solving and consensus building. His skills have been employed by icons of business and industry, as well as cities, under-served neighborhoods and charitable organizations.


Gerard F. Conklin, P.E. (Former President and CEO Dufresne-Henry, Inc.)

“Stephen was one of the most creative minds I have ever encountered. Whether the issue was a complex project, serious problem on a project or some difficult staffing issue, Stephen would use his creative problem-solving skills and develop and excellent course of action. Stephen’s ethical and professional standards are set at the highest mark. His winning personality and skill make him a true leader.”

Peter D. Bourgois, PLA, ASLA (Former Business Partner – The Cavendish Partnership, Inc.)

“Mr. Plunkard is one of the most creative, inspiring, insightful and colorful landscape architects that I have had the good fortune to be associated with during my 35 year professional career. As a former business partner at The Cavendish Partnership and as a close friend and colleague, I know the depth of knowledge, skills and passion that Stephen brings to the profession. From concept to implementation he has the rare ability to inspire and lead others to fully explore the most creative solutions and challenges that we as designers and planners face on a day-to-day basis. Stephen has incredible insight and vision, but just as importantly, he has the skill to engage, mentor and inspire those around him to rise to the challenge and build that vision into reality. Be it urban design, community planning, public participation or any aspect of landscape architecture.  Stephen’s abilities as a skilled communicator have led to solutions on projects that have greatly enhanced our natural and social environments.”

Christopher Jennings, Practice Leader Planning, Urban Design and Landscape Architecture Stantec (Calgary)

While at Stantec, Stephen served as a Senior Principal on many of our more strategic projects. Through a combination of design and forward thinking he was able to assist our clients in assessing possible development projects when needed – helping with the design and approval process. His combined experience in both landscape architecture and master planning was a benefit on projects both large and small. His designs were sound and had an ability to simplify complex project issues in a manner that was easily understood.”

Trent Purvis, P. Eng. Manager of Land Development | Municipal WSP Alberta

“Stephen Plunkard was hired by WSP in 2014 as a senior planning and urban design professional. Stephen brought his more than 35 years of vast corporate management experience as a business owner and corporate principal to this role. Stephen was brought on to build a strong planning practice from the ground up in our southern region and to provide expertise to other regions. WSP set specific and targeted goals for the practice over a period of two years. Stephen was successful in attracting talented professional staff and building a team while also securing new work assignments with existing and new WSP clients. The rewards have been several long-term design projects that are now moving into the implementation stages. The goals that we achieved are due to Stephen’s work ethic, diligence and decades of experience. It was a pleasure to work with Stephen closely in this building stage of our planning and landscape architecture practice.”

Angelina Rahimi, Founder of Aura Planning Inc.

“Stephen Plunkard has been my mentor for more than six years. As soon as I started my work for Stantec, Stephen made me feel welcome to ask for help and direction in my new role. Soon I realized he is an “out-of-the-box” thinker and passionate to help everyone around him to reach their potentials. About a month after knowing him, I asked him to be my mentor and I was fortunate enough to have him as my mentor since then. Stephen has all the qualifications of a great mentor; he listens, guides, provides insight, is accessible and supportive, and provides constructive criticism. However, he is more than a good mentor, he inspires his mentees to be passionate about their career and make a difference. He walks the talk and offers his time and skills to communities and individuals in need. As a result of having him as my mentor, I started my own firm specializing in empowering disadvantaged communities. I greatly appreciate his leadership, mentorship, and passion to make a difference.”

Paula Green, Landscape Architect | SWCA Environmental Consultants

 “A mentor is more than a professional who is experienced and willing to share his knowledge with others. A true mentor has the gift of selflessness. He or she must be willing to put self aside and strive to understand what benefits the student most – always with an eye to lifting others to a place of accomplishment that might be greater than their own. This is the type of mentor Stephen Plunkard is. And with his tireless help he continues to mentor me now, even after 30 years.

Stephen’s commitment and wealth of experience in the field of landscape architecture seems boundless. And yet his work has embodied so much more than that of a designer. Stephen is a business professional, a marketer, a teacher, an environmental planner, a community organizer, a writer and an editor – and a visionary that is always poised to bring that which is ordinary into the realm of the extraordinary. And that includes people. 

I would not be a landscape architect if it were not for Stephen’s willingness to mentor me. I would not have had the courage or self-confidence to accomplish professionally what I desired to strive for in my own career if Stephen had not been willing to lead me in the assurance of his own accomplishments and experience. Stephen has been a gift – to me, and to countless others. I personally know of many professionals who would say the same things as I regarding Stephen and his impact on their lives and careers. Stephen is a mentor. He embodies the very core of the meaning of the term. Stephen has already established a legacy that will outlast his self – and I am grateful to be a part of his accomplishments.”

Successful careers do not just happen, they are fostered by a dedicated group of individuals, institutions, organizations, family members, mentors, teachers, colleagues, inspired leaders and, of course, hard work. My career and accomplishments would not have been possible without the support and inspiration of the following:
Lindsay Plunkard
Daniel Kiley
Jimmy Carter
Jon S. Emerson
Max Conrad
Robert F. Jasse
Robert Reich
Steven R. Covey
Tom Peters
Wayne Womack
Winston S. Churchill

Peter D. Bourgois
Gerard F. Conklin
Angelina Rahimi
Susan Gagnon
Donald Vehige
Christopher Browning
Scott Collard
Thomas Leytham
George Turner
Christopher Jennings
Abbie Roses

Stephen Plunkard FASLA/CSLA

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